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CallerConnect is dedicated to streamlining communication strategies, empowering businesses to thrive in a connected world by providing innovative connectivity services.

Our mission

… is to empower businesses through transformative connectivity solutions, ensuring they have the tools to succeed in an increasingly digital world. Our values of stability, choice, enhancement, and innovation guide our actions and decisions, ensuring we always prioritize our clients’ needs and the advancement of communication technologies.

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Seamless Integration: Effortlessly link your business to a wide array of hosted solutions and pre-approved, certified providers. With CallerConnect, compatibility is never an issue.
Uninterrupted Service: Our platform ensures your communications stay up and running, thanks to robust redundancy measures and centralized fail-over controls. Downtime is no longer a concern, ensuring your business maintains continuity and resilience, no matter what.

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Provision with ease

User Management Simplified: Deploying and managing your users has never been easier. Our intuitive interface takes the hassle out of user administration.
Workflow Automation: Say goodbye to manual provisioning. Our platform automates your workflows, allowing you to focus on what matters most – growing your business.

No more manual, repetitive tasks!

Automate your Efficiency

Instant Provisioning: The moment a new user is enrolled in your system, CallerConnect springs into action. Our platform automatically provisions users, integrating them into your communication network.
Adaptive Call Rerouting: Availability and resources can change in a heartbeat. CallerConnect allows you to adapt in real-time. Should your call resources diminish or shift, our platform automatically reroutes calls to ensure uninterrupted service.

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Enhance your Capabilities

Expand Your Services: With CallerConnect, adding new services and features to your existing communication solution is a breeze. Stay ahead of the curve by continuously evolving your communication strategies.
Broaden Your Reach: Our platform acts as a bridge to other channels, significantly enhancing your reachability. Connect with your audience wherever they are, through whichever medium they prefer.

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Johnathan Miller
Software Engineer

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To date, I am very satisfied with the cloud service CallerConnect. The service is easy to implement and the reseller support is as it should be.
Patrick Lenting
Sr. Technisch Consultant, Herke ICT Group

+ 200 %

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Max Rivera

Financial Analyst

+ 120 %

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